Try these tips !! And maybe we can save our next generation from Armageddon.

1. Turn food into fuel
Have you heard about Bio Pertamax ? It’s a combination of 95%Pertamax and 5%Ethanol.
Yes, it’s eco-friendly in every aspects. Why ? Because ethanol is produced from CORN.
Let’s hope in the future that our scientist can mix ethanol in high percentage !

2. Get blueprints for a greenhouse
Hmmm, it’s quite difficult, since we don’t have local sustainable-design consultants.
But you can log on to or to make sure whether your habitat is eco-friendly enough
(Yes, I did log on to basix sometimes)

3. Change your Light bulbs
Simple, go to your local Ace/Mitra10 and ask for CFL (compact fluorescent light-bulb) or Energy Saver bulbs.
Not only you start to save the earth, you begin to light your pocket too !
(I always fancy to something with energy saver stamp on every appliances I bought)

4. Light Up Your City
LEDs is the solution.
Example :

5. Pay the carbon tax
It’s a perfect time for our government to release a carbon tax bill. We have many factories which depend on fossils fuel.
I know money won’t suddenly make your sky clearer or your air fresher, but at least they can use the money to develop alternative energy, such as solar plant, wind plant, etc (not a nuclear plant, of course :P)

6. Ditch the McMansion
McMansion = oversize house = more energy to cool your place = more energy to light up your home at night = more carbon footprint = etc = etc = go figure ….
All we need now are McDreamy and McSteamy (yummyyyy, Grey’s Anatomy)

7. Hang Up a clothesline
hehehe, we don’t have a dryer, so we always hang up our clothes

8. Give new life to your old fleece
Not really sure how can I do it, but maybe I can start to wear my vintage skirt since they all become hot now, hihihihi …I called it ‘Style Recycled’.

9. Build a skyscraper (that environmental friendly)
Attention to architects and developers. It’s a perfect time for you guys to start designing skyscrapers and minimize the use of energy.
Check out Hall Chadwick Centre in Brisbane. It’s a climatically responsive building design and saving energy too. Or you can check the second tallest wannabe in NYC, the Bank of America tower. They used gray-water from washrooms to flush the toilets. How cool is that !
Check out how they mix slag, a waste product from blast furnaces, with concrete.

10. Turn up the geothermal heat
Unfortunately, not for us. Maybe I should change it to turn up the natural cooling or turn off the heat by natural cooling.
Check this out:
Since I live in high-floor, I simply open all my windows and balcony door to cool my apartment. Good bye air con, good bye high electricity bills …

11. Take another look at vintage clothes
Again, Style Recycled.
Quoted from Time: Buying a vintage clothes means you avoid consuming all the energy used in producing and shipping a new and, therefore, the carbon emissions associated with it.
Another way: invite your friends over a closet swap, to which everyone brings a few items they want to trade.
Hey, good idea ! Who want to trade clothes with me ???

12. Capture the carbon
It’s too advanced for our country. But I hope we can do it in the future.
How cool is that – if we really can capture million tons of CO2 and threw it to outer spaces !

13. Let Employees work close to Home
Funny fact: only 4% firefighters in US worked at the station closest to their home; some commuted 230km each way.
(That’s why we move !)

14. Ride The Bus (BBG Transjakarta)
I ride the bus whenever possible. It’s cheap, fast and quite convenient during off-peak hours.

15. Move to a high-rise
Time: If you’re a true environmentalist, then why not pack up your rural home and move to the middle of the city near your workplace?
(Upss, I did it already. Hey, it’s a good way to save the money too!)

16. Pay your bills online
It’s quick, easy and leave no paper trail. No paper trail = reduce paper-used = reduce forest exploitation.
How cool is that ??

17. Open a window
Fact: Most of the 22.7 tons of CO2 emissions each American is responsible for each year come from the home.
Reduce CO2 emissions by open your window instead of turning on your AC.

18. Ask the experts for an energy audit of your home
Or simply log on to

19. Buy green power at home or away
Did you ever watch one episode on NewsDotCom/Republik BBM sometimes ago? They interviewed so called Wanita Listrik Tri Mumpuni. She developed a micro hydro plant to supply electricity in rural area.
Log on to to find out more about Tri Mumpuni and off-grid electricity supply.

20. Check the Label
Again, this is my bad habit. Always check the label, whether the products come from community trade or not, energy saving or not, etc. Yes, sometimes the products are more expensive than the ordinary stuff. Feel good after you buy it.
Another example, check gas mileage before buy a car. Or choose a energy-efficient hotel when you travel.
When you travel to Gold Coast, stay in Marriott, since they already improved energy and water efficiency by adapting new water filtration system for hotel landscaping which ensure the stability of built environment and natural environment. Feel good during your holiday and save the earth on the same time.

21. Cozy up to your water heater
I never really got it. But you supposed to wrap your water heater in insulated blanket (cost about $10-$20) and it could save your households over 110kg in CO2 annually.
But since most of my water heater supplied by natural gas, I don’t really have guts to put on a wrap on my water heater.

22. Skip the steak
Which is responsible for more global warming: your BMWs or your BigMac ? The winner is BigMac!
Another fact, by switching to vegetarianism, you can shrink your carbon footprint by up to almost 1.4 tons of CO2 a year !!!
How about chicken ??? I love fried chicken. Which one is better: my cute Honda or my fried chicken from Ayam Bahagia, Cirebon. Ihikkkk …

23. Copy California
Shame on us, we haven’t ratified Kyoto Protocol yet. DPR, speed up will you. You better ratify Kyoto than buy useless laptops !!

24. Just say no to Plastic bags
When I lived in Sydney, I know someone who always bring a cloth bag for the trip to the grocery store. Then I asked her why, and she said, her landlord told her about how long does it take for one plastic bag to degrade itself. And every time she wanted to go to the grocery, her landlord always asked her to bring a cloth bag, and the old lady even bought one for my friend ! And by the way, she is one of my best friend and just had a baby girl:). Congratulations Lia !
I still struggle to bring my own cloth bags or boxes. Gambatte ne !

25. Support your Local Farmer
One thing I like from my previous home nearby market is lost of veggies come from local farm. They use abandoned site and turn it into little farm and sell their harvest nearby.

I better take a break before continue typing step 26 to 51. I like to share all the steps with you and I hope together we can start to take a little tiny baby step in saving our earth.