Part 1

26. Plant a bamboo fence
Did you know that bamboo absorbs more CO2 than a rosebush.
Bamboo is a perfect choice for your small yard, it’s cheap, easy to maintain and grow easily.
I’m quite sure Tita will agree with this tip.
Quoted from Tita’s thesis:

Bamboo’s widespread and strong root system binds soil particles to prevent erosion and landslides. Its large total leaf area, along with its roots, absorbs and binds pollutants in the soil, water and air. In this way, bamboo aids the conservation of soil and water, particularly in barren areas and undeveloped lands.

27. Straighten up and fly right.
After finished reading my second Harry Potter, I wished that I can travel by fireplace.
Long time ago, when I traveled to Australia with my family, we had to take a flight from Jakarta via Singapore, to Sydney, since there were no direct flight from Jakarta to Sydney.
I found it quite interesting since I spent my time strolling inside Changi. And I thought I got more advantages by visiting 2 countries in single purchase (what a stupid conclusion).
I was just a high-schooler who didn’t know that by eliminating unnecessary 1.5 hours flight time from Jakarta to Singapore will eliminate 169,600 tons of CO2 annually !

28. Have a green wedding
Of course, you won’t be able to stop a global warming on your wedding day, but maybe it’s your choices to lesser the carbon footprint on every event.
I had my wedding day already, and I never realized by inviting thousands of people encouraged them to drive their mpv and burnt a lot of gas. Yes, I felt guilty after read this tip.
Time also suggest that we better use local resources to prepare our wedding. Fiuh, at least I did it.
My dad insisted to order traditional food (quite cheap but taste incredible, since most of our guests were not local). And he also insisted to build wedding decoration by ourselves and using re used materials. I also had to drop many flower options, since they are too expensive (not a local one or not their season). And finally we only spent about 15 jt for all decorations including widodareni hall, wedding hall, church, my parent’s house and hotel room decoration.
My dad is a genius. Not only we saved our money, but we re-used almost all my wedding decoration.

29. Remove the tie
Japanese salarymen swapped their trademark dark blue suits for open collars and light tropical colors during summer. It was all parts of the Japanese government’s effort to save energy by keeping its office temperatures at the 28C throughout the summer.
They believed, in one summer they can cut an estimated 71,700 tons of CO2!

30. Shut off your computer
Ok, it is quite difficult for me to start in the beginning.
Since the first day I learned how to use 3D and rendering software, I also had one bad habit in one package, never shut down my laptop until I finish all my drawings and works. Even though I was sleeping at that time, I still turn on my laptop.
Then from what I learned from Time, standby or hibernate mode is not a correct choice in saving energy. I better turn off my laptop after I finished typing these tips then .

31. Wear green eye shadow
Weird tips … never bought any eyeshadow since I got all of them free from Clinique, haha …
What they are suggested is using a eco-friendly make up. They also mentioned about a botanical lipstick packaged in a 100% biodegradable tube made of polylactic acid – a corn-based renewable resource. And when you finish your lipstick, plant the tube in the ground and it sprouts flower. Whatttt !!!
Never heard that in my entire life. I thought by switching from Clinique to Body Shop (for example) is already green enough, hahahaha ….

32. Kill the lights at quitting time
This tip reminds me to one of my friend who always said “Elisa, kill the lights, please.” every time we left studio.

33. Rearrange the heavens and the earth
It is such a utopian dream. I better skip it until we have the technology that enable us to put a gigantic reflective mirror outer space in order to deflect the sun’s energy or to inject sulphur into the stratosphere to cool the earth.
Yes, we are desperate people.

34. Rake in the fall colors
Do you have a fuel-powered leaf blower ? If you don’t, skip this tip.

35. End the paper chase
Recycled paper rocks !

36. Trade carbon for capital
If you’re a big companies from rich world who use a lot of fossil fuels and have a high carbon footprint, you should earn emissions-reduction credits for investing in energy-efficient projects in the developing world. It’s like purging your sins, hahaha …
Then why North Korean and Iranian insist to build nuclear plants ???

37. Play the market
Again, this tip needs a full cooperation from government, local representatives and environmentalists. It’s about how to force big companies and factories to reduce carbon footprint into acceptable range.

38. Think outside the packaging
Paper or plastic or styrofoam ??? Eckkkk, wrong choice.
Bring your own cup when you go to Starbuck might be the perfect idea for coffee lovers who love to hang out at Starbucks.

39. Make your garden grow
During my childhood, I used to live in a house with a garden. It’s not a beautiful English garden but more a rustic garden with everything in it, from mango trees to orchid.
But now, I have to satisfy with 2 pots of aloe, 2 pots from my mom (she said those plants can provide more O2) and some hydroponic plants.

40. Get a carbon budget
This is a radical idea. It’s about more taxes for people who refuse to give up their SUVs and giving an allowance to people who willing to give up their old way, for example: bike to work.

41. Fill’er up with passengers
Yes, it’s true !!! Don’t fill your car with 3in1 jockeys, hahahaha …
Another idea: kiss and ride or park and ride.

42. Pay for your carbon sins
I think it’s a little bit similar to tip no 40.
If you use more fuel, carbon or whatsoever, you got to pay more. As simple as that.

43. Move to London’s new green zone
It doesn’t mean that you have to move to London.
This is a big plan for London Docklands to develop a zero-carbon housing development.
Reminds me of Green Square.

44. Check your tires
Check your car regularly. Tune up you engine. And you can improve gas mileage 4% and often much more. And keeping tires properly inflated can improve gas mileage more than 3%!

45. Make one right turn after another
(For Us: Make one left turn after another)
Believe it or not: UPS are currently developing a software program maps a customized route for every driver to minimize lefts (‘rights’ for us).

46. Plant a tree in tropics
I never been to Kalimantan before, but I can imagine how vast are damaged areas caused by fire and timber industry.

47. If you must burn a coal, do it right
Like Vinke said, used the excess heat from power plant for domestic and industrial heating.

48. Drive green on the scenic route
Going somewhere ? Have to rent a car ?
Make sure that the car you borrowed is environmental friendly.

49. Set a higher standard
We need bills to set up a new standard for environmental protection. I think that we don’t have EPA here in Indonesia.

50. Be aggressive about passive
Passive heating, passive lighting, passive cooling.
During my undergraduate study, we hardly had any classes about passive design solution.
Check out FBE Red Centre for passive active design solution.

51. Consume less, share more, live simply
Like Mies said: Less is More.
Amazingly small means leading to extraordinary satisfying results.