I hope I was a good tutor to my 12 students. They said I was too practical (Am I?) One of them asked me, What is a Good Design ? How can you judge a’ good’ aesthetic ?
The last question was a little bit tricky, because the answer always personal.
Like Kant always said: “Everyone has his own (sense of) taste”. The case of “beauty” is different from mere “agreeableness” because, “If he proclaims something to be beautiful, then he requires the same liking from others; he then judges not just for himself but for everyone, and speaks of beauty as if it were a property of things.”
For my personal opinion, aesthetic measurements (can we measure beauty?) usually go beyond sensory discrimination.

For my studio, I found some similarities: Lots of ramps, lots of green roofs and green areas, and OMA like presentation. The last one was my mistake, since I used OMA’ El Croquis for precedents.

I’m quite disappointed with some of their drawings. Some of them do need learn how to draw ! And they need to sharpen their presentation. How to make an edgy presentation, a catchy graphics, and nice layout.

Anyway here some my students works:

Photography Center @ Stasiun Cikini (+Refurbishment) by Chandrika

I personally gave more attention on this project (I shouldn’t do that, I know), since station projects were my daily bread during my Hassell time.
Chandrika tried to give a new identity for a public place (Stasiun Cikini) by adding another programs, such as photography center and gallery. She tried to integrate the new programs into the present programs: station, rattan market and food court.
While the present station is blocking the cross circulation from 2 different city blocks, Chandrika tried to eliminate blocking condition, by adding several shortcuts and new entrances and access to another public transport (such as metromini, kopaja, etc).
Another bonus point for the site: integrated parking space and greenery area.

It was too bad that she didn’t have time (or didn’t want to?) to exercise more on the platform area.
The idea of the building shape was inspired by speed (?).

Recycle Center (Integrated with community market) by Amy

Once, Amy said, ‘Rem Koolhaas did it, so I can do that too.’
She was arguing about the reason she moved current railway into underground. I was tempted to ask her to do economical impact and budget calculation if she wants to move it. But again, this is a studio, so I allowed her to move more than 500 metres of railway.
By moving the railway, Kramat Sentiong will have more public places. And she also re-connects 2 different districts into one big public place: the market and the plaza.
She tried to solve waste and garbage disposal problem by adding Recycle Center into the market.

There is one interesting story about this project. She did lots of massing models more than any students in the studio. But none of them satisfied both of us. And then she came out with the idea of railway lane changing which is taking the shape of X. Voila, that green dragonlike shape is the final result.

Thanks to Raynata for taking some of the pictures.