No, this is not a triangular love affair.
Just a simple linkage between water, built environment and landscape.

If landscapers and architects are going to be the guardians of the environment, we have to be the guardians of water.

Why ?

If you look down Jakarta, 80 percent of it is roof. So, 80 percent of the stormwater is managed by architects and architects don’t know how to manage it.
Roads, highways and streets take up 18 percent of the city, managed by engineers who don’t know how to manage stormwater.
They forget to put trees (or even cut down trees for the transjakarta way purposes) on their drawings and they ignore plants and avoid planting because they consider it expensive to maintain.
They (architects and engineers) become economists while they destroyed the permeability of the surface of these areas. The last two percent is parks and gardens (and they degrade pretty fast) that are in the control of landscape architects, who sometimes also tend to forget they are managing water.

No wonder Jakarta have flood every year.