Today’s urban development is signified by very rapid changes. This includes infrastructure, urban patterns, district characters, recreation landscape and regionalizing. The border between the urban and the rural is dissolved.

This course seeks to integrate the concept of landscape within the built environment. While it distinguishes between nature and artifice (something created from human labor) it recognizes that the earth is now both commoditized and urbanized, and that concepts of landscape must accept this fact. Therefore a fundamental knowledge of the relationship between development impacts and environmental sustainability is critical to an understanding of contemporary urbanization.

The course therefore explores the neo modernist ideas, showing how theoretical constructs within the discipline have changed with the changing landscapes of production and consumption which now characterize the modern city.


1. To understand, plan and design new solutions, landscape architects, architects and planners need both a thorough theoretical basis to understand the urban dynamics, and professional training in realistic projects – an interplay between landscape, constructions and infrastructure.

2. To explore the inter-relationship of urban design, landscape architecture, and design theory.

3. To understand the role of urban landscape design in the planning and development process which shape the modern metropolis

4. To investigate the relationship between cultural factors and the production of landscape space

5. To integrate an understanding of natural systems, environmental sustainability and public open space with the artistic tradition in urban design

6. To review through case studies and design projects, selected examples of urban landscape design


The course is organized in a lecture format, with several walking tours, to critically investigate urban

landscape design in terms of specific projects, cultural settings and contemporary theory.


1. Urban Landscape: Introduction and Critical Review

2. Urban Landscape Factors

3. Jakarta – Landscape & Metropolis NOW

4. The ‘Artistic’ Tradition in Urbanism, Landscape and Built Environment Design

5. The Contemporary Urban Landscape